How far would you go to make a difference?Would you put your body through pain to motivate others? At 2pm on 18 July, Liesl Schoonraad will push her body to levels of strength and endurance. She will lift a total of 67 000kg/ 148 000 lbs in 67 minutes. A feat not attempted before, probably with good reason. The human body can only lift so much before it fails or breaks. To make it even more challenging, she will do it all in calf presses. Something no- one has ever attempted. According to Liesl, 67 minutes is too much time and she will attempt to do it in alot less than 67 minutes. Why? Why would she push her body to lift the equivalent of 10 fully grown African Elephants with her calves? Simple. Not only has she experienced pretty tough life challenges herself, but to prove anything is possible. She would also like to challenge people to do something kind for someone else, what 67 minutes, started by Nelson Mandela, is all about. Do an act of kindness.Virgin Active has also offered so sponsor equipment to a NPO gym of Liesl's choice. She is happy to announce that she will be supporting the Big Bones Gym in Cape Town where a young man called, Bongi, is busy getting kids off the streets and into gym showing them the sporting results they are able to achieve. Thank you to www.guts2glory.co.za for the amazing work you do. "I do not expect people to do strength events, I only ask them to do something that will put a smile on someone's face. It could be an act of simply giving a word of encouragement to something having a tough time." Be a part of this incredible event and accept the challenge and find your act of kindness. Liesl will be putting herself out of her comfort zone for 67 minutes, what are you going to do?
Guts 2 Glory Trust Foundation aims to help disabled and underprivileged athletes to achieve their sporting potential, regardless of their sport code.
Guts 2 Glory
Friday, July 18, 2014 - 15:55