13,500 feet up on the mountain and no rescue in sight, I decided to get sick. I couldn't control my thoughts, as I magnified all my aches and the fever in my mind and heart. I felt myself feeling worse as every minute went by. I felt so small on that mountain. Then something powerful happened. I decided that no matter what is going on in life around me, I'm going to magnify my God, by talking, worshiping, and making him the priority. So I put on my worship music and took time to relax and dwell in his presence. I spoke healing into my life, saying, "With every breath I am becoming stronger." 2 hours later, totally healthy and ready to roll. #freedomtour2014 GNC Live Well UPMC Mylan Charitable Foundation. Guts2Glory
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GNC Live Well
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 16:07