How about this news? Invacare ®Top End® and are proud to announce a new addition to the Top End Force Handcycle series. The ‘TOP END FORCE™ CX Carbon Handcycle’ Top End and are joining forces to introduce the Top End Force CX Carbon handcycle. Both Top End and are known as the worldwide leaders in the sport of handcycling. This joint venture will be a great combination of proven technology, materials, future development and service. Franz Nietlispach from says,” I have been associated with Top End and Chris Peterson for many years, through sponsorship and as a customer. We at Carbonbike feel that now teaming with Top End is in the best interest of everyone and most importantly the customers.” Chris Peterson from Top End adds, “We are excited with this move. We both have many ideas and working together will allow us to explore all possibilities whether with carbon fiber or aluminum.” In agreement with and Top End, the Top End Force CX Carbon Handcycle will be continue to be sold in Europe by and sold through four exclusive providers in all other locations:, Sportaid, High Performance and Enabled Sport.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 15:20