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Annette Kögel: “A decade ago I was asked to start an international young journalists newspaper project for the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. My first instinct was: this sounds challenging, I’ll go for it! Excitement quickly took over, and ten years later I have a lifetime of memories. At every Games, our young reporters and the project team are inspired by fascinating people and high performance sport action. Hearing them say the Paralympics are the best thing they have ever seen and working with them to communicate that passion to our readers is the greatest reward. The Paralympics are the real Olympic Games for me.” Photo credit: Thilo Rückeis
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Lorenz Maroldt, Editor in Chief and Annette Kögel, Editor and staff writer of “Der Tagesspiegel” share their favourite memories of the Paralympic Games. #25yearsPassionforParalympics
Der Tagesspiegel’s staff sharing favourite Paralympic memories
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 22:27