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Hi Lady's and Gents i need your help please, i have been selected as one of the 2014 BMT AMBASSADOR CANDIDATES! Please like and sharing my photo and stand a chance to win a random spot price! Round One voting will remain open for 14 days. The 10 candidates with the most votes/likes will continue to Round Two. please follow the link and like my photo on the BMT college page and please like the BMT page you could win some awesome prizes by doing this.PLEASE ask your friends to like my photo Thank You so much have a good day Clifford
Clifford Garth Martin: Why do I think I will be a good brand ambassador for BMT College? I consider myself to be a well-spoken individual; I belonged to Toast Masters whereby I learned to build confidence and overcome my stuttering by doing public speaking as master of ceremony (MC) for events. I recently completed my Human Resource Management NQF level 5 Diploma with distinction through BMT College. I represented my province and country in several sports e.g., bench press, body building, wheelchair racing etc. I have also been selected to represent Africa in the Mr. Olympia Natural Body Building which will be held in the USA. I am involved in a lot of charity events, raising funds for physically challenged children, adults and previously disadvantaged people. I am a natural leader both at work and on the sports field. I worked at a company with over 50 staff members under my supervision, which I managed and trained from level one up to supervisor positions. I also incorporated previously disadvantaged and physically challenged people in the training program so they could become more independent and be active members of the community. I love my country and I want to make a difference. I was born in the Easter Cape, East London and at the age of 15 had a car accident that left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair. At that stage I was living in a childrens home and they could no longer look after me because of me being in a wheelchair. I was 15 years old, had no family and no education; the years that followed were tough and tiring, testing my faith and character. I relocated to Cape Town in 2007 to make a life for myself and to further my education. After the completion of my studies this year, I decided to move back to my forgotten hometown East London and incorporate all the knowledge I gained in Cape Town to make a difference there as well. My goal is to bring sport to the physically challenged in East London and establish a team that can participate in the next South African championships; East London has a lot of talent. God willingly and finally I also want to get East London to build a home for the physically challenged as its the only province that does not have a home for the physically challenged. Forcing people to leave their families and relocate to other provinces that have homes for the physically challenged, is wrong in every way! In the month that I have been back in East London, I volunteered at Frere Hospital counseling and supporting new wheelchair patients and all patients that the doctors specifically request that I must speak to. In conclusion I think Ill be a good brand ambassador for BMT College because I have a passion for bettering the lives of people in a country that I love! I am a prime example that no matter how hard life is and no matter what life throws at you, with the grace of God, a positive attitude, education and hard work one can achieve anything you put your mind to.
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Friday, October 10, 2014 - 23:40